48 Christmas wishes

48 Christmas Wishes

Once upon a time there were there elves named Mindy, Cam and Sam. One snowy night they were at Santa workshop playing with the letters from Minnedosa. When one of them accidentally threw the letters in the fire and they all burned to pieces.

“what should we do now?” asked cam. “how about me and cam go to Minnedosa and Sam you stay here and we will use walkie talkies to communicate”.

When they arrived, they met a friend called Blake who was a human and he help them find all the Christmas wishes.

Then they flew back to the North pole and enjoy Christmas together!

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By: Ella 


Should Smoking Be Illegal?

I believe cigarettes should be band. If you don’t believe me here are some reasons.

I think smoking should be banned because it can cause cancer and strokes in the future. Out of 100% people 67% of them died of cancer and stroke.

I think smoking should be banned because it is not anti-social. Smoky air provides an unhealthy atmosphere because second- hand smoke damages the lungs of the non-smokers nearby.

I think smoking should be illegal because nicotine is extremely addictive. The withdraw symptoms are intense and there is a high rate of people will fail to stop.

It’s easy to see that smoking should be illegal after all these reasons.


Firework Night

Firework night

What’s that?
Bang-Bang! Oh, Hark,
The guns are shooting in the dark!
Little guns and big ones too,
What shall I do?
Mistress, Master, hear me yelp,
I’m out-of-doors, I want your help.
Let me in-oh, LET ME IN
Before those fireworks begin
To shoot again-I can’t bear that;
My tail is down, my ears are flat,
I’m trembling here outside the door,
Oh, don’t you love me anymore?
I think I’ll die with fright
Unless you let me in to-night.
(Shall we let him in, children?)
Ah, now the door is opened wide,
I’m rushing through, I’m safe inside,
The lights are on, it’s warm and grand
Mistress, let me lick your hand
Before I slip behind the couch.
There I’ll hide myself and crouch
In safety till the BANGS are done-
Then to my kennel I will run
And guard you safely all the night
Because you understood my fright.

Ms Spick ‘s Spike of Terror (from Ms Spick’s view)

Hi I am Ms Spick and I am strict!!!!!!! You better behave or you know what is going to happen! One day a new kid came to the school his name was Jagrit. Ms Spick introduced her self and said she was very nice. Jagrit was very smart when he went to the library and saw the sign no browsing he did not browse he just grabbed a book borrowed it and walked away. But when it came to returning it Jagrit did not worry because there was no single mark. Ms Spick couldn’t believe it no one had ever not make a single mark it was unbelievable. Soon Ms Spick put up one more sign that said must pay 5 bucks if you borrow one book. The following day when Jagrit returned the book back he had to pay but why was that?????

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This week was the book week parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the parade we got to show the whole schools our amazing costumes! I dressed up as Matilda from the Roald DAHL series. I also saw lots of other characters like Mary Poppins and Harry Potter. My friends dressed up as Harry potter and Alice Miranda. I also saw some people dress up as Jack and the Bean Stalk. My favorite costume was the Harry potter costume. I had a magnificent time at the book week parade.

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Over 1000 Kids in china wear bunny costumes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know over 1000 kids in China wore bunny costumes for a fashion show?

It was organised by a company called VICKY’Z a family themed clothing shop in Beijing.When they were all on the stage, the schoolkids sang a song about rabbits to the audience.An official Guinness World Records judge was there to count the adorable pink and white rabbits.

Would you participate in this fashion show?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Largest gathering of people dressed as rabbits China Fashion Week 2



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